Tips to save our planet

Global warming is the biggest issue today. Almost every day all people around this world can feel the different weather. Climate more hot, north pole molten.
This little tips hope can change that to more better world.
Bring your own water bottle.
Following survey, every year 25 million paper mug and 25 million plastic bottle is wasted in America. It's just America, how about other country? Because of that, the best way is you have a private water bottle, and bring it everywhere you go. This can reduce the number of plastic trash.
Pick Cone
If you want ice cream, pick ice cream with cone. This can reduce number of wasted plastic.
Clean up without chemical
Use baking soda or vinegar for alternate of liquid chemical. You can also use nabati oil or lemon water.
Reduce plastic bag
When you shopping to traditional market or supermarket, is better to bring your own fabric bag. If you do this, you help to reduce the number of wasted plastic bag.
Stop junk mail
There is 100 million of tree cut every year to produce paper, who use for junk mail to send to every home in America. What you can do about that? Call the company who send you mail, and say to stop that junk mail.
Pick Toilet Paper
Toilet paper is not soft like other tissue, but this is a type of recycled paper.
Use Safe Energy Lamp
Love your environment by using this type of lamp.
Minimaze using dryer
Dry your clothes with natural, use sun light.
Pick paint environment friendly
When you have to renovation your home. Use water base paint.
Thrift Water
You must get more quick when you take a bath. Using shower is more thrift than bath tub.
Thrift Energy
Just turn off you electronical device, when not use.


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    I like your article and all the great tips that are mentioned on it, it has really helped out. Thanks for share the information.
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  2. Real act to stop global warmbegin from our selfing

  3. Yeah,,good posting. Hope our planet can be save forever.

  4. Nice posting, i lake it, we save the world

  5. Very nice post... keep bloggong ... and Peace..!!
    Ypur world is our world....!!!

  6. Avoid plastic bag from your Supermarket...!! Bring your shopping goods with your own bag...!!

  7. Hi Thank you very much for bringing out one of the most critical issues in your post. I fear,ever increasing ambient temperature may end up with the immersion of our remaining land of our earth in water. It is better late than never. Even at this late hour, a combined effort from each and very one of us may put a break to the increasing mercury level. I believe we need to make a U turn with respect our life style and it is the need of the hour to save our planet. Thank you.

  8. Great advice; I'll try to apply these in my daily life...

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  12. little tips for makes a better world.
    great guys.

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