Friday, September 18, 2009

Sick Building Syndrome

For you who work in office, minimum 8 hours you stay in office for work. And you never know air in your office get poluted by free-radical (chemical form) from inside or outside your office. Pollutan such as smoke from cigarettes, or ozone form copier machine and printer, violated organic compound from paint, carpets, furniture, cleaning fluids, dust, carbon monoxide, formaldehit, etc. Make you get headache, eye irritation, and other health problem. That is called as Sick Building Syndrome.
This a few thing to avoid Sick Building Syndrome.
  • Take care about cleanliness such as piles of files, vertical blinds, etc.
  • Always clean up object that can store dust such as carpets, books, and even air conditioning.
  • Leave a gap which techology tools, such as printers, copiers, fax machine, etc.
  • Sometimes let air and natural light into the room.
  • If necessary, antioxidant supplementation for body endurance will greatly assist.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Give your children name

Give your children name is not hard but also not easy anyway. So becareful when you give your children a name.
Name means pray
Name is what parents hope for the children in the future, name is a parents pray for the children future.
Give a simple name not something so hard to say and write
Name must easy to say, read and write.
Don't give one word name
Minimum have first and last name.
Don't give to long character for name
Too long name can make a few problem for your children.
Give your children name with international characteristic
Our children life in future, globalization more intens. So don't give your children with a difficult spelling name.
Don't give an actress name
Actress name is good, but the problem is if the actress do something bad, and if you use this it's mean you not creative.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Avoid tired eyes when using computer

Some of us, usually work with a computer, or just play a game and also browsing. And thats make your eyes tired and you got headache.
So, this some tips for you :
Keep your distance from monitor.
To close to monitor is dangerous for our eyes. Distance between 50-100 cm is advice for your eyes.
Throw your CRT and get LCD
CRT Monitor is worst, get LCD for your eyes.
Setting your monitor
Set your brightness and contrast for your eyes.
Use anti-radiation eye-glasses
The anti-radiation sphere in this glasses is very useful for our eyes. Because this sphere can decrease radiation from excessive light automatic.
Get rest your eyes for a while, continously.
It's the easy way for avoid tired eyes. Try to relaxing your eyes for 5 minutes every one hour you use computer.

Care your Flash disk

This is a few basic tips for guard and care your usb flash disk :
  • Never throw or punch your flash disk
  • Avoid hot temperature and direct sunlight, also avoid cold temperature.
  • Never throw you flash disk to water.
  • Avoid high magnetic area.
  • Keep in clean and right place.
  • Always make a copy data from your usb flash disk, for securing your data.
  • After use flash disk to other computer, check your flash disk with new version anti-virus software.
  • Never pull directly your flash disk from computer, make sure you always eject or stop before you pull out.
  • Don't often format your flash disk.

Avoid Malpractice

For avoiding possibility of docter malpractice, this a few thing what should you do as a patient :
  • Never accept raw what the docter said. If you don't understand about something, immediately ask. By asking, you will know why your docter sentenced disease.
  • Never assume your docter knows everything. If docter looks doubtful at diagnosis, immediately asked.
  • Try to understand about legal and ethical issue governing the rights and obligations of patients and physicians.
  • Find out all about docter and treatment offered. Thus, you will not be harmed by a docter services. Or at least, if you feel disadvantage, you can demand better services.
  • Don't afraid to ask for a second opinion from other, whether it's a docter or traditional healer. If in doubt, switch to other docter also permitted as long as you know what you are doing.

Know woman who fallin in love with you

This is a few sign from her. If she fallin in love with you :
  • A women love you if she deep looking at your eyes. and you can see her pupil more big.
  • A women love you if you can see her skin become red when you beside her.
  • A women love you if she cross her legs and get swing it. And the swing direction is you.
  • A women love you if she up and down her voice tone for equal your tone.
  • A women love you if she flick her eyes when she chat or look at you.
  • A women love you if she make her lips wet with her tongue, or touch her teeth.
  • A women love you if she suddenly upright her sit position.
  • A women love you if she unsonsciously place her finger between her teeth.
  • A women love you if she laugh when your laugh at the same time.
  • A women love you if she touch her arm, shoulder, feet, and then touching her arm when she talk to you.
  • A women love you when she playing with her accessories or jewellry make a move likes she pull that.

Make your eyes back to normal +/- 0

You bored use contact lenses or glasses just try this :
  • Believe your eye will cure and back normal.
  • If you have money, lasic surgery.
  • If not, carrot juice is the best
  • Use honey as your liquid crop
  • Make your eyes work out.

When you get fire.

  • Main factor for die from fire is not the fire but smoke. Smoke can reach more fast than fire.
  • Fire Case is most happen at home, main factor is from electricity, and from your kitchen.
  • When your house got "on-fire" use a wet fabric not direct flushing with water.
  • It's better if you have fire-extinguisher at your home.
  • If fire get bigger, RUN
  • If you can't RUN search your phonecell and go to bathroom.
  • Get Wet.

Healthly Sleep

Always sleep on-time, make your biologycal body hour stable, and wake up at same time. No matter you get enough or not.
Daily Work Out
Work out is the best medicine for neutralized strained body and soul. The best time for work out is morning and early evening.
Ambience and Ritual
Make a comfort ambience. Watch humidity and temperature your bedroom. Before sleep make sure your in relaks position.
Quality not Quantity
No problem if you just have 5 hour sleep, but make you fresh.
Never sleep when your hungry or saturated
Avoid to sleep because of tired and not at your sleep time.

Care your eyes

Check your eyes within 12 months
Use not correct contact lens or eyeglasses can makes a problem in visionability and headache.
When Summer use sunglasses
UV Light make a serious damage to eyes. When you buy a sunglasses make sure that glasses can bounce off at least 98% of UV radiation.
Get vitamins
Vitamins can restrain cataract.
Better light
If you use computer take a brightness setting lower, for eyes comfortability.
Give your eyes a rest
After use computer, close your eyes for 5 second.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When earthquake

  • Almost every human just stay down and take a protection from something nearest. When the building collapse, they will die or just get injury because the material from collapsed building. The better way is get lie down in space beside sofa or something big. This will make a space for your body.
  • Building make from wood is the best construction type when earthquake. Because the characteristic from wood is elastic and move following the earthquake. And if the wood building is collapse, there much safety space will appear.
  • If your in bed when earthquake happen, just rolling to side of bed. And you will get safety space there.
  • If you can't get out so lie down beside sofa or big chair.
  • Almost all who stay behind the door when earthquake is dead.
  • Never run out though stairs. This the weakest of building construction.

The great tips to be a billionaire

This the hot tips ever. So Take a sit and pay for attention :
Be a son of billionaire.
If you can do this, of course you are a billionaire.
Search your billionaire mate, and married with him/her
If your not a son of billionaire, search for a boy/girl who a son of billionaire. This can make you a billionare from inheritance when your parent-in-law is dead.

Muffling Angry Woman

She angry to you? Emotional makes woman so hard to know by man. As a man, we will be more angry if the problem increase and get bigger than later, right? So, this a few step for muffling her :
Control your emotion.
Anything you do, just remember don't get angry! If you get mad, can make she more and more mad to you.
Never pile data
Usually a man try to muffling the fight by bring some facts who meaningless for a woman. This facts is just can make her more angry to you.
Admit with gentle
If you wrong, admit it. But don't make your reputation blow.
Listen and attention
If she get problem, the better way is for you is listen to her.
Look direct to her eyes
If you can't look to her eyes, it's mean your angry too. But, if you can its mean your listen to her.
Mixed Up
Take a question. This show you to her that your listen to her, and you want more listening her.
Take a Walk
Look stupid, but this so much better. Because walk can make her more calm.
Use the magic word
Such as. Yes, I agree; Your right; I'm so sorry.
Make angry as a parameter
Angry is a parameter for the existence of problem. To solve problem is the only one good side from the angry.

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Cheating or not?

A relationship always been temptating by cheat. You maybe always embitered and sometimes spy-ing your husband. Also asking your self, "Did he cheating me?", and searching for lipstick impression at his shirt or romantic message at his handphone.
But if you can't find any evidence, pay more attention to your boy. Behavior can be a sign of cheating, here some about that :
Your husband spontaneous stop intimate kissing with you. Kiss can be a parameter for how intim-relationship between the couple. So be wary if kiss intensity is drop. Because kiss is the number one intimate expression.
Sexual Activity
You must be worry if he always say tired as his motive. If this happen, try to trace what your husband activity. Make sure his tired because work, not the "third".
Take this as a sign, when your husband handphone become the "third". Especially when your husband always bring his handphone everytime, when sleep and bath.
Spontaneous he dodging from your care.
Sexual Complacency
He doesn't care anymore about your sexual complacency. You just be a person for release his complacency.
When lie down in bed. He always dodge your hug.
The Solution
If that happen to you, stop make your self suffer. It's time to start communication with him. Maybe your husband just have stress that influence his sexual life. Maybe he just tired because work, and forget about his secretary sexy leg.

Make your dear lovely girl/boy more love to you

Teenagers now improve psychologycal aspect. They aren't just thinking about style and fashion, but also about love. This for you who still dizzy about how to someone you love can more love to you :

More time for chat.
More chat. Boy happy if the girl respond what he say. If the girl quiet, can makes boy frustated. Just a little chit chat, about little thing. Maybe about strange experience, or just about what you doing today.

Don't let your boy/girl treat you everytime.
Girl usually treat by the boy. From dinner, hang-out or other. It's more better as a couple, if you sometime pay for your self, more better again if you can treat the boy.

Never talk about your ex-BF/ex-GF
It's big trouble, never compare between your boy/girl now with someone from your past.

Care about style.
Inner Beauty is important, but outer beauty more important. From make-up, dress, shoes and other, can makes your boy more fallin to you.

Tour with Motorcycle

Traffic jam in big city makes you crazy. Daily activity, trip from home to workplace and back home again. Makes you bored and become depressed.
So, why don't take a tour with Motocycle. Get ride with wind.
Here some tips for you who want to take a tour with motorcycle :
  • Make sure motorcycle is fit. Check the tire, brake, lamp and other component is work-well.
  • Use standard helmet. Wear a trouser, jacket, shoes.
  • Take a rest once time between 1.5 - 2 hour of touring. Take a small physical excercises.
  • Balance your speed with other.
  • Obedient the traffic sign.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Facing Your Big Fat And Ugly Boss

Tips for worker in workplace. Hope this useful, I got this from forum, and I write this in my blog. You know as worker that so much problem between us (as worker) and boss. This just example from me. Check this :
  • Never let the big fat and ugly boss influence you mood. Be positive and any attitude from you boss more easy to handle.
  • Discuss any problem with your friend or your family. Because discuss and share have theraphy characteristic. Friend and family can support you to pass a hard day at your workplace.
  • If your boss makes some critic which not fair to you, avoid to debate with him/her and get the solution with quiet.
  • Take furlough if this problem makes you stress, as same if you have a physical sickness (such as flu, etc). Because stress can makes you depression.
  • Never bump to someone with higher position than your boss. Maybe they support your boss and makes you get more trouble.
  • Never take your job to home. Remember, the boss pay you for work at office not your home.

Taxi Tips

Of course you know, there so much crime happen in cab. This is a few tips for safety taxi tips for ladies.
  • When you stop taxi makes sure you stop taxi with 4 wheels. If not that is not taxi anyway.
  • Check the seat. If there is so much seat, that is not taxi, that a bus.
  • Makes sure you know where you will go. If not the cab driver can take you to his/her home.
  • Check the argometer, and makes sure that have a text "Argometer" if the text is "argobromo" you will get lost and get more far away from you destination.
  • Don't fierce to the cab driver, if you don't want to chase away.
  • Makes sure you seat well in the cab, if don't you maybe still in the bus halte.
  • Don't jump out from taxi. It's dangerous.
  • Never sleep. If you don't want to get bill for room rent.
  • If you bored with your daily routine, slap the taxi driver. That will makes you get new experience.
Hope you get this tips, and makes sure you safely untill your next destination. See you at next tips.

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