Cheating or not?

A relationship always been temptating by cheat. You maybe always embitered and sometimes spy-ing your husband. Also asking your self, "Did he cheating me?", and searching for lipstick impression at his shirt or romantic message at his handphone.
But if you can't find any evidence, pay more attention to your boy. Behavior can be a sign of cheating, here some about that :
Your husband spontaneous stop intimate kissing with you. Kiss can be a parameter for how intim-relationship between the couple. So be wary if kiss intensity is drop. Because kiss is the number one intimate expression.
Sexual Activity
You must be worry if he always say tired as his motive. If this happen, try to trace what your husband activity. Make sure his tired because work, not the "third".
Take this as a sign, when your husband handphone become the "third". Especially when your husband always bring his handphone everytime, when sleep and bath.
Spontaneous he dodging from your care.
Sexual Complacency
He doesn't care anymore about your sexual complacency. You just be a person for release his complacency.
When lie down in bed. He always dodge your hug.
The Solution
If that happen to you, stop make your self suffer. It's time to start communication with him. Maybe your husband just have stress that influence his sexual life. Maybe he just tired because work, and forget about his secretary sexy leg.


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