Facing Your Big Fat And Ugly Boss

Tips for worker in workplace. Hope this useful, I got this from forum, and I write this in my blog. You know as worker that so much problem between us (as worker) and boss. This just example from me. Check this :
  • Never let the big fat and ugly boss influence you mood. Be positive and any attitude from you boss more easy to handle.
  • Discuss any problem with your friend or your family. Because discuss and share have theraphy characteristic. Friend and family can support you to pass a hard day at your workplace.
  • If your boss makes some critic which not fair to you, avoid to debate with him/her and get the solution with quiet.
  • Take furlough if this problem makes you stress, as same if you have a physical sickness (such as flu, etc). Because stress can makes you depression.
  • Never bump to someone with higher position than your boss. Maybe they support your boss and makes you get more trouble.
  • Never take your job to home. Remember, the boss pay you for work at office not your home.


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