Make your dear lovely girl/boy more love to you

Teenagers now improve psychologycal aspect. They aren't just thinking about style and fashion, but also about love. This for you who still dizzy about how to someone you love can more love to you :

More time for chat.
More chat. Boy happy if the girl respond what he say. If the girl quiet, can makes boy frustated. Just a little chit chat, about little thing. Maybe about strange experience, or just about what you doing today.

Don't let your boy/girl treat you everytime.
Girl usually treat by the boy. From dinner, hang-out or other. It's more better as a couple, if you sometime pay for your self, more better again if you can treat the boy.

Never talk about your ex-BF/ex-GF
It's big trouble, never compare between your boy/girl now with someone from your past.

Care about style.
Inner Beauty is important, but outer beauty more important. From make-up, dress, shoes and other, can makes your boy more fallin to you.


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