Muffling Angry Woman

She angry to you? Emotional makes woman so hard to know by man. As a man, we will be more angry if the problem increase and get bigger than later, right? So, this a few step for muffling her :
Control your emotion.
Anything you do, just remember don't get angry! If you get mad, can make she more and more mad to you.
Never pile data
Usually a man try to muffling the fight by bring some facts who meaningless for a woman. This facts is just can make her more angry to you.
Admit with gentle
If you wrong, admit it. But don't make your reputation blow.
Listen and attention
If she get problem, the better way is for you is listen to her.
Look direct to her eyes
If you can't look to her eyes, it's mean your angry too. But, if you can its mean your listen to her.
Mixed Up
Take a question. This show you to her that your listen to her, and you want more listening her.
Take a Walk
Look stupid, but this so much better. Because walk can make her more calm.
Use the magic word
Such as. Yes, I agree; Your right; I'm so sorry.
Make angry as a parameter
Angry is a parameter for the existence of problem. To solve problem is the only one good side from the angry.


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