Sick Building Syndrome

For you who work in office, minimum 8 hours you stay in office for work. And you never know air in your office get poluted by free-radical (chemical form) from inside or outside your office. Pollutan such as smoke from cigarettes, or ozone form copier machine and printer, violated organic compound from paint, carpets, furniture, cleaning fluids, dust, carbon monoxide, formaldehit, etc. Make you get headache, eye irritation, and other health problem. That is called as Sick Building Syndrome.
This a few thing to avoid Sick Building Syndrome.
  • Take care about cleanliness such as piles of files, vertical blinds, etc.
  • Always clean up object that can store dust such as carpets, books, and even air conditioning.
  • Leave a gap which techology tools, such as printers, copiers, fax machine, etc.
  • Sometimes let air and natural light into the room.
  • If necessary, antioxidant supplementation for body endurance will greatly assist.


  1. thank's for comment..
    keep blogwalking my friend.

  2. This is an interesting post.. :P Good thing I seem to have an OCD, although only very minimal.. i always tend to end up cleaning my desk when i get in the office.. wahaha.. :P

  3. office can makes sick?
    i don't know about that. but nice info.
    keep blogging guys.


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