Avoid Malpractice

For avoiding possibility of docter malpractice, this a few thing what should you do as a patient :
  • Never accept raw what the docter said. If you don't understand about something, immediately ask. By asking, you will know why your docter sentenced disease.
  • Never assume your docter knows everything. If docter looks doubtful at diagnosis, immediately asked.
  • Try to understand about legal and ethical issue governing the rights and obligations of patients and physicians.
  • Find out all about docter and treatment offered. Thus, you will not be harmed by a docter services. Or at least, if you feel disadvantage, you can demand better services.
  • Don't afraid to ask for a second opinion from other, whether it's a docter or traditional healer. If in doubt, switch to other docter also permitted as long as you know what you are doing.


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